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BPO Services

Global Companies are increasingly embracing outsourcing over a wider range of front and back-office processes. Outsourcing is no longer about lower cost locations or handling over inefficient processes to a third party, rather with the evolution of process and technology has become a means of achieving world-class outcomes along every aspect of work. With top-notch talent and powerful analytics, RFK info services provide unmatched services. Aiming at perfecting every small process of your company, we stop at nothing less.


Both private and public organizations are wrestling with unprecedented challenges: economic uncertainty, market complexity, hyper-competition, changing consumer expectations and regulatory pressures. Under such shortcomings, RFK info services come to rescue with comprehensive BPO services whose success is with the outcome of keen understanding of our clients’ business and industry. We provide a broad spectrum of services covering Data Entry, Management, Form process, Transaction Process and many more.

Be it Telecom, E-Commerce, Banking, Health Care or any other, we at RFK info services focus on producing measurable business outcomes that improve financial performance, customer acquisition increasing sales etc. Treating each client as a special case, we generate the best and the most parallel solution for your problem.


Businesses are witnessing an exponential growth in the volume of data. With shorter decision cycles, reduced time to market, and stiff competition, companies are now looking for ways to make data-driven decisions. Structured and unstructured data from organization-wide systems and from external sources like market and social media are raising new challenges for companies every day.

RFK’s Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) service combines process, analytics and domain knowledge to relax these new challenges of you clients. By providing insight based business support using innovative and client specific approach, RFK info services helps business to develop a better understanding of their customers.